Celebrating our Genesis ( Gospel Light Ministries Turns 23)

On 1 July  1998, I started Gospel Light Ministries, as a gospel agent to evangelize, train the church to disciple the believers and act in love to the vulnerable in the communities among nations.
The key verse God used was Matthew 4:16 “The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, And upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death Light has dawned.” With a small team we launched out into the gospel works and much has happened in the last 23 years. Of course by that time I had done a previous 15 years an as itinerant evangelism.
Today I celebrate what God has done… Since then, a lot of ministers were inspired and equipped for ministry and today many of them lead their ministries today. (I thank each one of them). Gospel Light Ministries gave birth to Life Church International (an apostolic and prophetic church in the city and has grown into many churches across the country, plus in DRC and South Africa), which further gave birth to Gospel Light College (a Bible school equipping Christ-like workers for a Christ-like Church), Light of Nations (Switzerland), and now seven months ago gave birth to Elevate Television (a cutting edge media ministry advancing Kingdom lifestyle), plus others. In the process God has taken me into all the continents of the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.
Thanks to everyone we crossed paths and partnered in various ways. May God Bless you all. To the many spiritual leaders who mentored me in evangelism, led by Bishop Dr. Titus & Dr. Aganes Masika, God Bless you Big. Our best couple in marriage (Canon Rev. Dr. Rosemary and Eng. Rev. Mbogo) you remain heroes in our lives. My apostolic ministry has been greatly impacted, fathered, covered by Christ through Apostle John Alley.
What a wife I have! Asunta Juma who has continued to believe in me regardless and together with my core- team at Life Church International, we have a relational friendship that is an apostolic foundation to our ministries and families. To those who left us in the course of ministry, remember we love you still and bless you in your endeavors. For those joining us in the recent years, months, weeks and days, welcome to the apostolic family of a Jesus generation. Let us arise and build!
To the apostolic company of ministers that we relate across the country, you are crowns of the jewel in the hand of the Lord. Let us keep loving one another in the Lord.
Truly, the people who sat in darkness have seen Great Gospel light… Oh, I was just remembering this day when I stepped out to start a gospel agency… We are still evangelizing, discipling, equipping and commissioning the saints to their ministerial functions…. Can you testify of how you have been impacted by our humble ministries to the Glory of God?
WELCOME TO THE STANDING STRONG MINISTERS CONFERENCE- (Tuesday to Friday 6th-9th July) at the Apostolic House…
Happy anniversary Gospel Light Ministries
Apostle David Juma

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